Brophy Aerials

Brophy Aerial Studios has been operating in Dunedin and Australia for over twelve years. In Sydney, our aerial training school catered to over 150 private students. Schools also sent students to train on a weekly basis as an integral part of the Physical Education curriculum.

In Dunedin, as well as being a training school, Brophy Aerials has become a successful Production Company. Once the students reach the required standard they can audition for Brophy Productions, enabling them to work professionally. Many former students are now employed professionally in the industry throughout the world, the most recent securing a position as a performer in Disneyland, Paris.

For the past five years, Brophy Aerials has been based in Dunedin. In that time we have trained a talented group of student and adult aerial artists. Some come with a background in dance or gymnastics and then develop aerial skills. Many students have now had the experience of performing in a range of events with Brophy Aerial Productions, including shows for arts festivals, corporate and community events in Dunedin and around the country. 

Rochelle performing on silks
Rochelle Brophy

My background is in dance, training full-time, then working professionally as a dancer, then as an aerialist. For over twenty years, I worked internationally in such shows as Blackpool Tower and the Moscow Circus, as well as in festivals, casinos, clubs, and theatres around the world.

Rochelle Brophy portrait